Bulk Edible Clays From Russia 5kg

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Who doesn’t like bulk buying and making massive savings? A few of our Customers have been looking forward to this and its finally here 🙂

Please note if there are any clays you prefer more in quantity from the list we are flexible for you to let us know your preference from the list below as long as it amounts to 5kg.

Ural Clay 2kg-Ural Clay has a solid, Crisp,dense,Crunchy,dry structure

Jupiter Clay 1kg-Very Fresh Clay, mild earthy, medium crunch,easily melts away and does not stick

Turkestan White 1kg- Fresh ,Earthy,soft to bite,smooth, creamy

Cambrian Clay 1kg-Cambrian Clay breaks easily with a Crunch that dissolves into mash with Mild Creaminess.It has a dusty-nutty aroma, Cambrian Clay Sticks a little and has notes of concrete and earthy aftertaste.

Important Note Below;

This Order will be coming directly from our supplier,please allow 10-12 working days for it to arrive to you.

For Our international customers from outside the UK please contact us via online chat or email us @ so we give you a quote to your country.

Thanks and Happy savings yay!



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